The Gift That Gets Regifted – Joanna Angel

It’s a special day in Joanna Angel and Small Hands’ household: Small Hands’ birthday! Joanna gets up early to get ready to surprise him in bed with a smoking hot birthday fuck session.

Decked out in some sexy lingerie, Joanna creeps into the bedroom. When Small Hands opens his eyes and sees Joanna, her tight body spilling out of the lingerie, his cock instantly gets hard.

Joanna Angel strips out of her lingerie, showing off her perfect tits as she climbs into bed with Small Hands. She rips his underwear off and stuffs his hard cock down her throat, giving him a nice sloppy blowjob before sucking on his balls.

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Now that they’re both ready to go, Joanna hops up onto Small Hands‘ throbbing cock and slides it into her wet pussy, riding his rod as she screams with pleasure.

Happy Birthday, indeed!

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