Tayte from God Girls

This is Tayte from Gods Girls.  Holy shit, this girl has some amazing breasts and sick tattoos!!  Tayte is a 23 year old in LA and has 15 hot sets up on Gods Girls.  She is totally inked up and her chest piece is fantastic and colourful.

Tayte’s favourite TV shows include Community, Californication, Lost and True Blood.  She listens to Patsy Cline, Blink 182 and Neil Young.  Her cam shows KICK ASS!  Around the internet, she also goes by Hezzy Tayte and Tayte Lamb.

Gods Girl Tayte busty big tits tattooed inked chest piece


  1. A lovely work of art, all the way around! And down to the bubbles! Gorgeous! ;D I just discovered this site, and really like it! My clothing line is geared towards adults, punks, goths, etc. and would be very interested in networking! ;D Thank you! For the quick peek, and wonderful view! =)

  2. zon says:

    delicous merrry me

  3. RichardCyberPunk says:

    Nice website. Finally at all, a website with nice punkrock ladies. Or ladies with tattoos. Good to show off your nice tats and body. Keep it punkrock guys and girls… hehe.

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