XoEve – Alt Half-Asian Cam Girl

Most of you probably know who XoEve is already, but for those of you who don’t, here’s an introduction.  Evelyn Cates, aka Xo Eve, is a half-Asian alt camgirl from the Northwest.  XoEve is a vegan animal lover and a self-confessed video game nerd who plays WoW all the time.  Xo Eve loves horror movies and also enjoys cooking & reading.  Along with her Chinese & Vietnamese blood, XoEve is part Polish & part German.

XoEve does regular cam shows @ OnHerCam and also has her own site, XoEve.com, where she models regularly.  Eve interacts with her members all the time and practically lives online!  She’s always chatting with her fans on Twitter and on her cam and gives very entertaining cam shows.  Her site is FILLED with hot HQ photo shoots & sexy tease videos.

If you like alt models, you’ll LOVE XoEve!  Eve is covered in piercings and ink.  She loves to get tattooed and has over 20 tattoos all over her body including knuckle tats and a full sleeve on her left arm.  You’ll have fun finding all her ink!  XoEve also has a few piercings.  Her nose, septum, ears and belly button are all pierced.

Check Out XoEve Perform Live @ OnHerCam.com

Check Out XoEve.com for More Hot Photos & Videos

XoEve Inked Tattooes Alt Model Camgirl Tits Pierced Scene Emo

XoEve is such a gorgeous alt model.  I love Xo Eve and her tattoos.  Her ink is sexy!

XoEve has fantastic punk rock tits.  I love her scene girl look.  Half-Asian alt camgirl!

XoEve Eve inked spread legs shaved pussy panties tease tattooed alt emo scene camgirl half-Asian

Check Out XoEve Perform Live @ OnHerCam.com

Check Out XoEve.com for More Hot Photos & Videos

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